Logo Fondation Immochan

Established under the aegis of Fondation de France since 2009, Immochan France Foundation works each day to promote Social Entrepreneurship.

The foundation takes action in over 90 urban areas throughout France. In 2013, it provided €200,000 of financial support for 16 projects.

Each project is accompanied and supported by an Immochan employee who is geographically close to ensure that people can meet up in person. 

Immochan France Foundation is a place of openness, personal commitment and initiatives.

The Foundation and the social entrepreneurs that receive assistance, place people at the heart of their economic projects.

The common founding principles of social entrepreneurs

• A social purpose: combating social exclusion, unemployment, poverty, disability, local development with projects for the common good, etc.

•A viable economic project in line with the market that is meeting a demand, creating employment, social cohesion and wealth.

• Open, participatory and responsible management, limited remuneration of capital and of top managers with surpluses reinvested in the project.

The CREENSO prize (National Award for Creators of Social Enterprises)

Imagined and created jointed by Immochan Foundation and the Association of IESEG Business School alumni, the CREENSO prize is an award for the creation of Social Enterprises. For a university year, fifteen 4th year IESEG students are assigned as junior consultants to 15 entrepreneurs that are setting up a company.

In April, an independent jury awards CREENSO prizes,  financed by the Immochan Foundation, to the three most outstanding entrepreneurs.


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